You are not alone… Promise!

Everybody needs a patient, non-judgmental helping hand now and then and you are in the right place. We are the most unique professional organizing company tailored especially to meet the needs of children, students, busy parents and the disabled, ill and elderly. We view challenges through the filter of an organizer with healthcare experience. How can we be of service to you or your loved one?

View our services below

  • Handwriting tutoring for students age preschool to 3rd grade – First things first! Cursive tutoring available since this is not included in Illinois or Common Core Standards.
  • Create a foundational organizational system specific to each student’s strengths.
  • Paper filing system/folders/binders and labels- collaborate with your child (and teacher if needed based on their classroom system) for the best system to use.
  • Homework/Planner system- no more assignments left at school or completed but not turned in.
  • Backpack organization
  • School supply organization
  • Desk and locker organization and maintenance program (This may require permission from parent and school to actually go on premise to work with student before or after school hours).
  • Teacher communication/collaboration- if authorized by parent and school.
  • Organization via assistive technology- use of phone, tablets, computer for school purposes.
  • Strategies for time management
  • Boost your child’s self-confidence!
  • Closet Organization
  • Garage Organization
  • Home Office Organization
  • Kitchen Organization
  • Adult and Child Bedroom Organization
  • Bathroom Organization
  • Organization of Living Areas
  • Vehicle Organization
  • Paper/Filing Organization
  • Sorting, filing, containerizing and removing items as agreed upon.
  • Focus on the special needs of our disabled, injured, ill or elderly clients. Services ensure accessible placement of commonly used household items to maximize independence, conserve client energy and promote safety through the removal of potential environmental barriers/slip or fall hazards. Please note that organization or distribution of medication is not offered.
  • Hoarding services are not offered.

What will it cost?

We will work within your budget!

Handwriting tutoring costs may vary based on the age of the student. Contact us to get a price based on YOUR child's needs.

Organizing costs vary based on the size of the project and number of organizers needed. Contact us to tell us about your specific needs.

Peace of mind: Priceless!

**Special Note: It is specifically understood that Neatability, Inc and organizer is not providing services as an occupational therapist and does not perform therapy under Neatability, Inc. Organizational and supplemental services provided are non-medical and non-therapeutic in nature.